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About Mark Selman

I began my consulting career in 1988, and have designed, built and maintained several hundred custom networks of all kinds, for a wide variety of businesses. In 1995, my largest client asked me to work for them full-time. This was a wonderful opportunity to build and enhance my skills, and I accepted their offer with enthusiasm.

I served this high-tech, privately owned, multi-million-dollar telecommunications firm for seven years and loved every minute of it!

As the company's Network Administrator, I built our 3-site, 120-computer Wide Area Network (WAN). 

This entailed making assessments, purchasing hardware and software, running wires, installing and configuring hardware for the servers and workstations, I.P. setup, integrating applications, assigning security, creating backup schemes, documenting my work and conducting rollouts.  I managed the phone system, implemented EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), upgraded and safeguarded the Accounting programs and data.

As the company's Information Services Manager, I set and enforced policy, conducted New Employee Orientations, taught, conducted research, wrote business documents, represented my co-workers to upper management, assisted the H. R. Manager, and provided motivational and self-help materials.

Today, several years later, I still provide consulting services to this wonderful company.  


System Studies, Inc.

If you find that your home, home-office or corporation is dealing with broken hardware, buggy software or poorly designed network systems, let's get together and solve these issues so that you can get back into the business of making money. I create practical, affordable computer networks and design solutions that work. I am familiar with hundreds of software packages. I am a dedicated and effective service provider with high ethical and performance standards.



January 30, 2003

To Whom it May Concern:

Mark Selman was employed at System Studies from October 30, 1995, through today. Prior to his hire date, Mark worked here as a Computer Services Consultant, and sadly, he leaves our company today to return "full circle" to the world of self-employment.

Because System Studies has been affected by the telecommunications industry decline over the past two years, Mark's work hours were reduced in February 2001, eventually leading to his decision to move back into the consultant role.

Mark was initially hired as a Network Administrator; in 2000 we promoted him to Information Services Manager. His overall performance rating is "Excellent," and in his last performance review, he was highly complimented on his enthusiasm, initiative, and ability to change priorities on a moment's notice.

This page isn't long enough to list all the things Mark has accomplished at System Studies! With his energy and dedication, he was able to provide Information Services support to 90 employees, in three local facilities, on laptops and in home office situations too.

When you work with Mark, you can see his sincere desire to quickly sum up technical, telephone, or computer needs while he resolves them in a cost-conscious, efficient manner. He is the quintessential computer and software consultant; he expresses his love of new technology and hardware, and he displays an innate curiosity and talent in his work.

Mark is also a popular friend and coworker to current and former System Studies employees. One year, the employees surprised him with a "Mark Selman Day," to show their appreciation for his efforts and his company spirit. We are also celebrating his final day today, knowing that he will be available to us as a consultant, which makes saying "good bye" much easier.

No letter of recommendation would be complete without mentioning Mark's managerial skills. He is an objective and supportive manager, with a broad education in management topics and especially those that relate to Human Resources and Privacy or Technical Resources policies and procedures.

I do not hesitate in recommending Mark to any other organization wise enough to hire him, as a Consultant or as an employee. Please call me if you have any questions regarding Mark's employment here.


Robert Simpkins
Chief Executive Officer
System Studies Incorporated

Mark Selman did a great job designing and implementing a new computer network system for my office. His recommendations were right-on-target, he kept the costs down, and the whole thing runs perfectly.

We don't worry about losing data or putting up with computer downtime because this system allows us to recover from practically any catastrophe in less than an hour, without having to call for help. (Ask him about his redundant server/workstation option.)

We are delighted with the quality of Mark's professional services and recommend him highly.

Greg A. Loitz, D.D.S., M.D., Inc.

Mark Selman has worked with us since August 2002. He came highly recommended to us from Santa Cruz Electronics from whom we purchase most of our computer hardware.

Mark successfully restored our crashed systems and software in a timely and efficient manner. Later, he worked with us to install a new server and operating system. He orchestrated a smooth transition of the equipment and software.

He went the extra mile whether it was communicating with the vendors, reducing complex information so I could understand it, and making sure their needs were being met. I found him to be extremely reliable, honest and a pleasant person with whom to work.

Michael J. Paul, President, Goodwill Industries of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Luis Obispo Co., Inc.

I kept Mark Selman's name on file after a colleague highly recommended him and his expertise. I was skeptical that anyone could come into my office and work with the sophisticated computer network system I thought we had in place. WRONG! After being left out to dry one last time by my longstanding computer service technicians at an exorbitant service rate I reluctantly called Mark.

He immediately came out, assessed the problem, corrected it, and diplomatically informed me of other issues with my system I had not been aware existed. After a brief analysis of Mark's recommendations, I asked him to correct the deficiencies, which he did quickly and very economically.

Ultimately I had Mark rebuild my office network server, speed up our data transmission, and create a simple backup system a 3 year old could manage--all at 1/2 the service fees I had been paying. Plus, he enhanced my home computer and my family's laptops, in addition to creating a VPN that allows me to comfortably work at home remotely on my office computer.

I have never looked back or regretted calling Mark in. He is my computer technician for life!

If you have a large network, a small network, or only one computer, you owe it to yourself to have Mark evaluate it to see what he can do to enhance its performance. It will be worth the consultation fee.

David L. Biles, D.D.S., M.A.

Nothing is more stressful than when your computer acts up or your data gets damaged. Or how about the "upgrade" that grinds your practice to a halt? I used to have those experiences, but for ten years now, I have been extremely well served by an independent consultant named Mark Selman.

Not only is my backup system three levels deep, but if my server ever blows up, is stolen or destroyed, it can be rebuilt in about sixty minutes, or I can run my office on one of the mastered stations. Blah, blah, blah, computer stuff. All I know is that I don't have any more computer problems that hurt me and I don't have to give it any thought. My system just works.

I can't overstate the excellence of his ethic, fairness in charging fees and quick response time when you need help. Give Mark Selman a call.

Richard L. Benson, D.D.S.

For the past six years, we were suffering from "buggy" computers in our office. Frozen screens, error messages, malfunctioning programs - all these were daily occurrences. For a while it seemed that we were there to treat computers instead of patients.

Many computer "experts" came and went. Multiple computers were bought, and new software was installed. However, with every new technician, new problems were born. Our problems seemed to "out-smart" us at every turn.

Mr. Selman came highly recommended through a few colleagues. I reluctantly gave him a call and discussed my problems. I am pleased to report that since Mr. Selman's visit to my office we have been COMPLETELY problem-free. He has assisted us with our network, backups, printers, Internet connections and software management. In addition to being an excellent technician, he's also a patient, articulate teacher.

I have been so impressed with Mr. Selman's work ethic and technical capabilities that I have recommended his services to my family members as well. I highly recommend Mr. Selman and I strongly urge you to contact him if you are finding yourself in a mess with your computer system.

Cyrus K. Mozayan, D.M.D, M.D.S.

Mark Selman is a very energetic, no-nonsense I.T. professional. He tackles large or small I.T. issues in an organized and highly efficient manner. He has outstanding verbal and written communication skills and maintains a great attitude.

Mark has assisted me with sensitive Human Resources issues, and has proven to be ethical, trustworthy and highly responsible. I would enthusiastically recommend him as an outside consultant to any organization.

Lana Pieri, Director of Human Resources

I have worked with Mark Selman since 2002. He has completely rebuilt my aged computer network to current standards and suggested/made improvements to my system that I'm sure other technicians would have ignored or overlooked. He is a five star resource in my book.

James C. Calcagno, D.D.S